[Hololive] Nekomata Okayu Birthday Celebration 2023 Full Set Limited Quantity ver. (no voicepack)

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《Set Contents》
◇Birthday Merch Items
・B2 Bathroom Poster
 Art by 神岡ちろる
 Size: B2
 Material: PP

・Random Acrylic Keychain
 Art by なもり
 Size: Approx. H74~80×W46~70mm 
 *The size differs between each type.
 Material: Acrylic
 * One out of four acrylic keychains will be randomly included in the package.
 * You cannot choose the design of your preference.
 * There is a possibility of receiving products of the same design or not receiving the product of your preference, even if you purchase two or more acrylic keychains.

・Polo Shirt
 Size: One-size-fits-all (Approx. Length 75cm / Width 58cm / Shoulder width 50cm / Sleeve length 24cm)
 Material: Cotton, Polyester

・Hand Towel
 Size: Approx. H250×W250mm
 Material: Cotton

・Postcard with a handwritten autograph from Nekomata Okayu. (Art by 神岡ちろる)