[Hololive] Shishiro Botan Birthday Celebration 2023 Full Set Limited Quantity ver.

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◇Anniversary Merch Items
・B2 Tapestry
 Illustration: トマリ
 Size: B2
 Material: Polyester

・"Ramen Botan" Ramen & Rice Bowl Set
 Size: Ramen Bowl/ Approx. ⌀190×H80mm
        Rice Bowl/ Approx. ⌀113×H57mm
 Volume: Ramen Bowl/ Approx. 990mL
     Rice Bowl/ Approx. 260mL
 Material: Porcelain
* Due to the nature of the product and its production, each product may have individual differences.
  In addition, the prints on the curved surface may be slightly deformed due to the nature of the production process.

・"Ramen Botan" Plastic Cup
 Size: Approx. ⌀76×H81mm
 Volume: Approx. 200mL
 Material: AS Resin

Postcard with a handwritten autograph and a duplicated foil-stamped message from Shishiro Botan. (Illustration: トマリ)