[Hololive] Ceres Fauna Birthday Celebration 2023 Full Set Limited Quantity ver. (no voicepack)

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《Set Contents》

◇Birthday Merch Items
・Kirin's Bento Box
 Art by たてじまうり
 Size: Approx. H92×W130×D93mm
 Volume: Approx. 610ml
 Material: AS resin, ABS resin, PET, Polyethylene

・Kirin's Chopsticks with Case
 Art by たてじまうり
 Size: Case/ Approx. H15×W195×D30mm
     Chopsticks/ Approx. L180mm
 Material: AS resin, ABS resin

・Kirin's Water Bottle
 Art by ごとー
 Size: Approx. ⌀61×H191mm
 Volume: Approx. 300ml
 Material: Stainless steel, Polypropylene, Silicone ring

・Sapling Plushie
 Designed by Ceres Fauna
 Size: Approx. H31×W30×D23cm
 Material: Polyester, Polyurethane

Postcard with a handwritten autograph from Ceres Fauna. (Art by たてじまうり)