[Hololive] Nanashi Mumei Birthday Celebration 2023 Full Set Limited Quantity ver.

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◇Anniversary Merch Items
・Mumei’s Caffeine Tumbler
 Illustration: WERI
 Size: Approx. ⌀83×H153mm
 Volume: Approx. 300mL
 Material: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Silicone Rubber

・Mumei’s Moom Tray
 Size: After Assembly/ Approx. H130×W130×D25mm
 Material: Polyurethane, Iron

・Tote-ally Friend (Bag)
 Size: Bag/ Approx. H39×W34×D14cm
     Handle/ Approx. L60×W3cm
 Material: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Zinc Alloy

・Hootsie Hangers
 Size: Approx. H80×W80×D20mm
 Material: Sheet/ PET Resin, SBS Resin
       Hanger/ PS Resin
 Can be used on smooth surfaces with no unevenness.
 Depending on the material and uneven or rough surfaces, it may be unusable.

Bonus: Polaroid-style bromide card with a handwritten autograph from Nanashi Mumei. (Illustration: WERI)